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The Living Alive Show

Dec 3, 2020

Has life always felt like a struggle or do you feel a sense of peace and freedom? Have you always had a hard time trusting your own decisions or do you struggle with uncertainty?  Autumn Shields and Bradford Glass will help give you some understanding as they chat about his purpose behind his new book called, The Field Guide To Life: Navigating the Challenges Of Our Lives and Times. As children we often hold onto lessons that were taught to us by the people we grew up around, that may not serve who we are today. Bradford shares how he is constantly observing unhappiness and struggle around him, even before COVID19 hit the world. He has learned to experience the world in a different way. Tune in to hear more about Bradford's journey into writing such an inspiring book.  


Here's what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • How to look inside ourselves to find negative lessons we’ve learned and undo them.
  • How to release what does not serve us and discover our true self.


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Connect with Autumn Shields: